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When you adopt through Canine Rescue Club, you join the club for life. If you choose to, you can stay in the loop with events and benefits with the rest of the Rescue Club alumni.

Currently we are only accepting adoptions to those who can meet & greet prior.

Age (must be 21+):
Do you have children at your home?
Living situation
Any other animals in the house?
If any, are your current animals spayed/neutered?
What is your experience with dogs?
Types of dogs you have had experience with.

Dogs will often have a transition period of 1-2 weeks after leaving the shelter or current rescue to become comfortable in your home. Some dogs may exhibit signs of separation anxiety and/or may have accidents in their new homes until they feel safe. Please check that you agree to understand that there could be a decompression period.

I understand that any misrepresentation of the above information authorizes Canine Rescue Club to deny application, and/or reclaim the pet that is in my home. I acknowledge that Canine Rescue Club cannot guarantee any animals against parasites, diseases or destructive behavior. If I adopt a dog from Canine Rescue Club or their partners I will not hold Canine Rescue Club responsible, nor seek any compensation for damages, or other liabilities incurred by the dog I adopted.

I understand that Canine Rescue Club is a non-profit organization. The adoption fees (if any) help support the organization in rescuing and caring for more unhoused dogs.

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