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Updated: Sep 8, 2023


AGE: 4 Months
WEIGHT: 40lb
ORIGIN: TJ, Mexico
LOCATION: Santa Monica, CA
STATUS: Adopted


In the vibrant streets of Tijuana, Mexico, a determined pregnant mother pup found herself on a remarkable journey. Rescued by the compassionate hands of 'Pups without Borders,' she embarked on a life-changing odyssey to a new beginning. Along the dusty road from Mexico to Los Angeles, Lupita gave birth to a tiny bundle of joy, one of which was Fuji. Born amidst the promise of a better life, Fuji's tale unfolded as he thrived under the care of 'Pups without Borders' and found her foster home with DOG PPL as the Resident Rescue in partnership with Canine Rescue Club.

A testament to resilience, Fuji's lineage traced a path from the streets of Tijuana to the loving community of DOG PPL where she waits for her forever home.

Fuji, with her bright eyes and wagging tail, symbolized a legacy of transformation. Her mother's journey from abandonment to rescue who has already found her forever home before her pups is an incredible part of this rescue journey and a testament to Pups without Borders. Fuji's sister, Kodakand her brother Flash are also looking for a home! SEE INFO ON KODAK SEE INFO ON FLASH

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