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Updated: Aug 16, 2023

BREED: German Shepherd (small)

AGE: ~4y
WEIGHT: 40lb
ORIGIN: TJ, Mexico
LOCATION: Santa Monica, CA
RESCUED BY: Ho'Ola Dog Rescue
STATUS: Adopted

- adoption forms by Ho'Ola Dog Rescue


In a bustling Mexican city, a small German Shepherd dog roamed the streets, searching for food and shelter. She had already faced countless dangers and obstacles in her short life. She was skinny, scrappy, and covered in dirt, but despite her tough exterior, she was also incredibly affectionate and loving.

A group of animal rescuers from Ho'ola Dog Rescue spotted the little German Shepherd on the streets and decided to take her in. They knew that this dog had a tough start in life and wanted to give her a chance to experience the love and care that she deserved. They gave her a temporary name: Lia.

At first, Lia was shy and scared around the other dogs. She had never been around so many animals before, and she didn't know how to interact with them. However, she quickly bonded with the humans. She would wag her tail and give them gentle kisses whenever they came near, showing them how grateful she was for their kindness.

After several weeks of care and attention, Lia was finally healthy enough to travel. Ho'ola Dog Rescue brought her to

Los Angeles. She was nervous during the journey, but the Ho'ola made her feel safe and loved from the moment they picked her up.

In LA, Lia was amazed by the sights and sounds of the city. She loved going for walks and exploring her new surroundings. However, she was still shy around other dogs. So while she is still building her confidence she needs to be introduced slow.

Ho'ola have worked with her patiently, introducing her to other friendly canines and giving her lots of positive reinforcement when she was brave enough to approach them. Over time, Lia has shown incredible progress in confidence and play.



Despite her progress, Lia was still searching for her forever home. She had been through so much in her short life, and she deserved a loving family who would cherish her and give her the life she had always dreamed of.

Thanks to Ho'ola Dog Rescue and the kindness of her past foster family, Lia's life has already started to transform. She went from a scrappy street dog to a beloved foster dog, and she will always be grateful for the second chance she was given.

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