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Updated: Jan 16

BREED: Staffy Bull Terrier

AGE: 1 Year
WEIGHT: 25lb
ORIGIN: Apple Valley, CA
RESCUED BY: Roadogs Rescue
STATUS: Adopted.

- Friendly with all humans & dogs - Incredible Spirit - Special Needs (just needs to wear shoes, and be burped after meals) - Makes up for the special needs in his quirks, snorts and kisses.


Yogi was found on the side of the road in bad shape in Apple Valley. He had open wounds, chunks of hair missing, and skin so dirty he needed 2 baths to see his skin! He could barely walk and it was obvious he was an unfortunate dump from a breeder (greeder) trying to make a micro pitbull. After he was taken to a vet, no rescues were willing to step up to pay for the obvious PT and rehab he was going to need! We were out of medical fosters and losing hope then along came RoadDogs!

Yogi is a rambunctious and resilient bundle of joy! He is such a goofy, curious baby. He loves people and chewing on his toys. He’s great with other dogs and cats and children.

Yogi has gone from barely being able to walk to RUNNING! Underweight to STRONG!

He attended rehab 3x a week and did acupuncture and water therapy. He’s had surgery and was given all the love by his vet techs. He’s the rehab center's favorite dog and success story!

He’s had both thumbs amputated and will need shoes for life for his front feet as he deals with cerebella hyperplasia and he needs to be burped like a baby after meals but that's it! He makes up for his quirks in snorts and kisses.

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