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Updated: May 14

BREED: Medium Husky x Swiss Shepherd
AGE: 10 Months
SEX: Female
WEIGHT: 35 lb
RESCUED BY: Canine Rescue Club
STATUS: Adopted

- Housebroken. Does not potty inside. - Understand commands, good sit and wait. - Very dog friendly. - Still learning to trust humans, particularly men, is visiting DOG PPL most days to work on exposure, and getting lots of love from members & staff. - Chipped - Spayed - Fully Vaccinated - No Adoption Fee - 3 month DOG PPL Membership


Tasha is a ten-month-old husky/swiss shepherd mix. Like many working dogs, she is brilliant, energetic, and devoted to her human family. She is an amazing playmate for her fellow dogs, making her an ideal second dog. Also great for hikes, with unlimited stamina and also good manners when meeting other dogs on the trail.

At home or at the park, she loves to run at full speed to fetch a ball, then bring it back to you, also at full speed. She will keep up the routine until you end the game. She enjoys walking or running in the neighborhood and is getting more and more comfortable with greeting strange humans, happy to sniff an extended hand before taking a step back to evaluate and grow confidence. In her foster home, she is more protective and will bark at new people when they enter - this is something we are working on. She settles down quickly, especially if she has met the person before.

Tasha is quick to learn, especially with food rewards, and knows the following commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Drop it/ Leave it, Touch, Get your ball. She is spayed, microchipped, and fully vaccinated. She is looking for a home with more opportunities for activity, especially with another dog. We hope she will find the perfect placement.

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