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AGE: 5 Months
WEIGHT: 17lb
ORIGIN: East Los Angeles
RESCUED BY: Pups Without Borders
STATUS: Needs a Home

- Pee pad trained, prefers to go potty outside - Leash Trained - Does not know her name


Nyx's journey had a challenging beginning as she found herself on death row, facing euthanasia at Downey Shelter in California, scheduled for 3 PM. Fortunately, Pups Without Borders took immediate action to rescue her just in the nick of time, with the assistance of Sarah, a shelter volunteer.

You might wonder how someone could consider euthanizing a puppy. It's essential to direct our frustration towards the flawed system, rather than blaming individuals. Nyx ended up at the shelter because the people who abandoned her claimed she had "bit" someone. Perhaps unknowingly, they handed her a potential death sentence by leaving her at such a facility with that justification.

Pups Without Borders reached out to the Canine Rescue Club to secure Nyx's release. We sprang into action, navigated the busy LA traffic, and successfully rescued her, thanks to the dedicated efforts of everyone involved. Nyx transitioned from the brink of euthanasia to a warm welcome at DOG PPL from the local community.

She is currently in foster care but is eagerly seeking a forever home, where she can experience the love and care only a true dog enthusiast can provide. Nyx is in need of a compassionate person to advocate for her. Please consider adopting this lovable girl and giving her the loving home she deserves.

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