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Updated: Aug 16, 2023

BREED: Golden/Collie

AGE: ~1y
ORIGIN: TJ, Mexico
LOCATION: Santa Monica, CA
RESCUED BY: Ho'Ola Dog Rescue
STATUS: Adopted

- adoption forms by Ho'Ola Dog Rescue


Meet Oro, a courageous rescue dog who was found in Mexico after suffering from acid burns to his skin.

Despite his painful injuries, Oro never lost his spirit and remained determined to survive.

Thanks to the efforts of Ho'ola Dog Rescue, Oro was transported from Tijuana to Los Angeles, where he is currently receiving the medical attention he needs to heal. He underwent extensive treatment already and rehabilitation is currently ongoing, with incredible strides forward along with plenty of love and care from his dedicated team of veterinarians and caregivers.

Oro's incredible resilience and positive attitude has inspired everyone who came into contact with him so far, he quickly became a beloved member of the Canine Rescue Club via Ho'Ola Dog Rescue.


At the DOG PPL Valentines event, all of the D.B.A.D Pin sales went directly towards getting Oro from Mexico to LA, and all sales received went directly to Ho'Ola to help cover the travel and medical needs.

Today, Oro is still on his journey of recovery and ready to embark on a new chapter of his life. This means more treatments down the line for this poor boy. The donations made here will help cover the costs for the past and future treatments that have been fronted by Ho'ola Dog Rescue, which needs ongoing help to continue to do the great rescue work they have done so well already.


Oro landed in LA with open arms, the DOG PPL team picked Oro up from clinical boarding at ATSC Los Angeles, covered the vet bills, and swooped up the necessary items for Oro to be comfortable got him washed, which was upwards of $1200 just in the first day!

Oro is now currently staying with Ho'ola Dog Rescue while finishing his medical cycles and awaits to be cleared by the vets to begin his social fostering & starting his brand new life. To get there, Oro needs a little bit of medical attention, medication, and regular check-ups, which is why the fundraising is higher than usual for this special boy. We love you Oro! The whole team is cheering for you over here.


Oro's raise has reached the goal to help pay for his current medical expenses, and is now released from medical board & foster, He is now healing up as a resident rescue at DOG PPL, where you can come to meet him when he is out playing & being social :)


Oro's first day in the park at DOG PPL resulted in an adoption, He is now a full-time member at DOG PPL with maybe the best dog parent any pup could ask for, along with his new brother Bruce! Our hearts are full.

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